Love us. Love our Learning.

where business and art get to play

We're bold, we're romantic, we love to colour outside the lines (what lines?), we're playful, we cringe when told what to do, we're passionate, we swear (duhhh), we get sh*t done, we like numbers and words, we dig business, we're wicked at solving problems, we don't wait, we run. We are full on in full colour and most important, we love to learn, and we love our people.

love us?

love our people.

We are:

geeks, nerds, lovers, comedians, dreamers, gamers, big wigs, innovators, brainiacs, idealists, dorks, stargazers, techies, visionaries, mystics,  execs, philosophers, castle builders, big shots, ministers, and so much more. We are the people who don't fit in. 

We get you.

We are you. 

And we make learning FUN. 

Did you know... nobody learns the same way?

  • linguistic
  • naturalist
  • kinesthetic
  • visual
  • logical
  • inerpersonal
  • intrapersonal

We're not experts on any of that stuff, and we won't try to be. 

But it's real. 


We're TinaO and GinaB, and we love what we do. Tina is a storyteller, idealist and word nerd. Gina is a goal crushing business coach who can dead lift 400 lbs. We don't fit but we've always made it happen. We love people who do the same and who are are unapologetic and wicked about it. 

We have the most amazing people in our lives and we want to share these wing-nut genius' with you. 

We LOVE them.

You will too. 

Let's be intentional about who we are and the gifts we bring to this game of life, business, love and art. 

Let's learn. 

A life of learning is success.


I love the dreamers, the evangelists and extremists. I love the dorks.

We're really all superheroes in disguise with an X-factor that makes us weird, brilliant and on point at the same time.

These are my programs, and the people I love and theirs too.

I love the crushers, the crunchers and the unicorns.

I think we're gifted in ways we don't even know. We are made for full-colour living and achieving. I say F*ck Fine, let's play all the way to the top.

These are my programs, and the people I love and theirs too.

brace yourself for the crazy!

where business and art make love!

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