Tidbit Learning

What is Tidbit Learning?

Forty-five (45) minute sessions with one item of learning, where you work as a group through one question, collaborating and supporting each other. 

Then you identify one “to-do” using that learning. 

This short, online learning experience, has topics ranging from personal to business. It allows you to learn one facet or step of a task so that you can understand it, actually do it and then imbed it in practice, before moving on. 

Or you will simply meet with like-minded women to share thoughts and ideas collectively to solve a problem. 

Subject experts are women just like you, who know how to do it or have the insight you need to find a solution. 

These tidbits are ran live in the Fab45 Womens Revolution facebook group.

Tidbit Learning Libray is free to any member of the Fab45 Womens Revolution on Facebook

In the Library you will find....

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    Welcome to the Tidbit learning library!

    • How to access Tidbit learnings

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    Video Resources

    • Living The Tao and Defiant Life - Part One: an introduction to the Chinese philosophy of Taoism, coupled with a healthy dose of defiance (tune in to see how healthy "defiance" can really be) presented by CJ Golden, Author. (See her SHWISH listing)

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