To have an amazing year, it takes a bit of planning

  • look back

  • take stock

  • move forward

Part 1

Get Ready

The last year consists of ups, downs, laughter and tears. Lessons we needed to learn and ones we had to. To move forward we need to look back, celebrate and release.

Part 2

Get Set

Things to think about, numbers to gather and dreams in the making. do some homework before we get started.

Part 3


This is your time, this is your year - it is time to get on with it and dig it so you can have your Best YEAR.

Get Ready

Get Set

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Get Ready!

    • Wrapping up last year

    • Celebrate (and release) 2018

  • 2

    Get Set

    • Best Year

    • Best Year 2019

    • Welcome to Best Year

  • 3


    • Let's get at it!

    • dig in!

    • Answer the questions - get it out of your head

    • Build a Rich Life

    • Motto for a New Year!

    • Create a game plan

    • Put pen to paper

    • Set your focus

    • Put your foot on the gas

    • OMG we are almost done

  • 4

    What's next?

    • Your Ready to have the Best Year Ever!

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Something every month? Gina selects 12 people who are ready. We’re talking lit up. On fire. Absolutely unequivocally unafraid to go after it! And together, this dozen creates their BEST YEAR ever. In business. In life. Best Year participants make strides in their business and life that look more like leaps and death-defying feats!

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