It's time to do something different

What's it all about?

  • We are going to be talking a lot about you!

    You’ll present a specific challenge at every session. We’ll work through it as a group. And brainstorm our way to victory

  • This is teamwork

    Participation is mandatory. Sharing is expected. Collaborating is how we reach clarity. You’re gonna make some good friends.

  • Expect homework

    You’ll have a challenge or activity that we talk about together as a group then complete on your own time in your Best Year booklet. When we see you next month, you’ll be held accountable for it.

  • Facebook is our forum

    When we’re not meeting as a group officially, we still talk, connect, support, and toss ideas around in the Best Year Facebook Group.

  • You’re gonna get exclusive emails from Gina Best

    Signing up puts you on the Best Year email list for 2019. You’ll receive monthly homework, insights, next steps, reading material, and more. If you’re embarking on Best Year, you’re on the list! Keep an eye on your email.

Why Best Year?

What current participants are saying...

“My time and my focus are now fine-tuned to know what is a good use of my time and what I need to outsource. Now I know what I need to do, or overcome to achieve what I really want. I have people I can connect with and call when I need another voice telling me I'm going in the right direction.”

Rebecca C

“I have fellow entrepreneurs I can talk to and ask questions if I need to. I am at the very beginning of entrepreneurship and now know I need to make the rules and basis and I can grow my business! I am also automatizing all the non-creative parts of my business (rules, invoice, etc...) so I can focus on creativity. I am now making plans on a month and weekly basis with my goals and to do list.”

Flavie D

“The top 3 things I have gotten out of Best Year are: Time management. How to set and stick to my goals. Being part of a group of established professionals who provided me with incredible insight and feedback on ideas, questions and processes. ”

Jennifer B

“I often felt alone - having this tribe made me feel more whole. Clarity on goals - for me, I am always full of ideas; this experience forced me to write things down, get specific, and then follow the plan. It also gave me permission to take time for self care. And the friendship part? That's self explanatory- it was great to connect with people like me…”

Loralie S

“Advice - useful perspectives to problem solving, community - helping each other discover, realization - you need to make money”

Sherry K

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