What if you came into the world with a narrative, like a guiding phrase tattoo’d onto your very being? At each turning point of your life, you have been shaped by it. It is the story you can’t run fast enough from, nor fast enough to. Your brightest moments and your darkest days are either side of the same story. What if the very thing you are called to live, give and be is the same thing you hide? What if your story is the medicine both you and the world need and are created for? This is your Core Story.
  • you got it for free

  • double edge sword

  • medicine

  • story stone ripples

you got it for free

what you get for free is who you’re meant to be. The doing-ness of life is hard enough. We pay bills, we work 40-60 hours per week, we take garbage to the dump, we fix broken things, we volunteer, we fight with the people we love and sometimes we make up. We get the flu, we walk with life-threatening illnesses, and most times we heal. We fall in love, we get our hearts broken, and if we’re lucky, we get to do it again. Living itself is requires enough effort, who we are is not supposed to be like that. We came into the world AS something, FOR something. In this section we are identifying what you got for free, tracking your gifts like clues, and following the mystery of your pain.

double edge sword

If I dropped you in to another country where you didn’t speak the language and didn’t know the culture, what could I count on you to always do? Why? What is the core motivation beneath these actions? This is the core love of your story, and it’s also the very thing you are made to receive. Within this side of your story you have a unique expression that only you intimately understand and it drives everything. On one side of the double edge sword of our Core Story is your core pain, or poison and knowing what it is and how to work with it will set you free to be and give what you’re created for.

i'm want to discover what i got for free


Your core love is your core medicine. It is what you are made to live, give and be. But giving medicine to the emptying of ourselves (and beyond) can make our medicine toxic. Knowing how our particular medicine works, how to give it in a nourishing way to both yourself and the world, where your tipping point is and how to track your offering and your needs. In this section we will create a self-medicine practice, and name the trigger points that are calling out for soothing.

story stone ripples

We come into the world as a story stone, our divine narrative imprinted within us. And as that stone, we are dropped into this often turbulent yet beautiful ocean of our life. Story ripples represent a time of initiation through resistance, into a greater expansion of who we are and how we are made to live our specific story. As we bring our story into each ring, the story of us can become more calm, more alive, and more realized as the divinely placed being we are. This final section of our work together is about being seen, known and heard as the story we are.

Course curriculum

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    • core story welcome

    • story stone

  • 2

    story ripples

    • core story - how it happened

    • how did you get here?

  • 3

    writing prompts

    • core story - how to use a writing prompt

    • writing prompt easy peasy

  • 4

    what I got for free

    • core story - what I got for free

    • free

    • assignment - free

  • 5

    double edge sword - core love

    • double edge sword - core love

    • core love

    • assignment - core love

  • 6

    my core pain

    • double edge sword - core pain and poison

    • core poison

    • assignment - core story poison

  • 7

    core expression

    • the twelve stories

    • the twelve stories list

    • core story expression

    • assignment - core expression

  • 8

    core medicine

    • core story medicine

    • medicine

    • assignment - core medicine

  • 9

    core story living

    • core story - final thoughts


Tina Overbury

Chief Story Officer

TinaO is a Writer, Story Coach, and Host of the TinaOShow, collecting and telling Stories from the Core. She’s the co-owner of Intentional Success with Gina Best, and the other half of The Writer’s Compass with Meribeth Deen. She says: Stories are like toddlers, they will follow you around, tugging, hanging off of you until you listen to them. TinaO is the founder of Live Your Best Story, a weekend retreat of deep listening using writing, storytelling, nature, nourishment, art and connection as a way to listen to the personal story within. The retreat is held in various locations around the world, and is always offered 3x/year in British Columbia where she lives. All are welcome.

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