Are you bold and brave enough to strive for Five Wins?

Do you realize that the best wins involve collaboration? Winning is never a solo sport—it’s always a team effort. Winning is seeing our children, partners, friends, colleagues, and communities do well.What if winning feels like being home?

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  • purpose

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It’s time to be honest about putting yourself first. It’s time to be transparent about what winning means to YOU. What does your win look like? How full of life are you willing to let yourself be? What kind of a leader are you? Where do you shine? How is your influence known by others? Do you lead from the front, the middle or back? How do you win in your life?


Living full out and on purpose is part of winning, but getting there unconsciously can cause success leaks which cost us our sustainability in both: business and life. What you value becomes how you serve, and when your purpose is aligned your service, every action becomes a win

Social Capital

What is social capital? We throw around words like influence, community, and tribe when we’re speaking about our reach, but what does mean? Social capital isn’t something you can buy, it can only be earned. How do you accumulate social capital? How do you create reciprocal relationships that grow both you and them? Why does it matter? How does this help you win?

Course curriculum

  • 1

    welcome - let's win

    • Meet Liza from WREN

    • Welcome from Liza - video

    • What is Winning?

  • 2

    Win #1 - You First

    • Welcome - Win # 1 Video

    • Lesson - You First

    • from Liza - you first

    • lesson - ten year scan

    • assignment - wheel of life

    • assignment - vision board

    • you first - reflection questions

  • 3

    your business, your work, your purpose

    • welcome - win with your purpose

    • from Liza - winning with work

    • success leaks

    • fun break - win with George Carlin

    • assignment - childhood wishes

    • lesson - your purpose

    • from Liza - so says I

    • assignment - dinner guest

    • your work - reflection questions

  • 4

    your service

    • win 3 - your service

    • lesson - your service

    • from Liza - why do you do what you do?

    • assignment - write a review

    • let's remember - with Albert Sweitzer

    • your service - questions for reflection

  • 5

    half way - win

    • shining eyes

  • 6

    your circle

    • Win 4 - your circle

    • assignment - who sits at your fire?

    • Everyone Wins

    • fun break - words from Michael Scott

    • your circle - questions of reflection

  • 7

    your community

    • win 5 - your community

    • lesson - winning with your community

    • Your community

    • lesson - understanding social capital

    • your social capital

    • assignment - social capital snapshot

    • your community - questions for reflection

    • you win - thank you

  • 8

    your next step

    • from me to you

What do I leave this program with?

  • greater confidence putting myself first

  • stop my success leaks

  • re-engage with my childhood wishes and begin them

  • take a thorough ‘service review’ from the inside out

  • cultivate a circle of influence

  • recognize when I am winning

  • create a life of alignment to my personal wins

  • experience the results of daily winning