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I’m Diane and you’re beautiful. Chaos can feel serious and heavy enough, so this three to six week confidence program is definitely not. It is FUN! Together we are jumping in together to recover your confidence through play, being silly, colouring, expressing and owning the clarity within you. Learn the self-coaching arrow so you can always guide yourself through chaos. From there we will identify a five point inspired plan to help you answer the questions of doubt and confusion holding you back. Freedom happens when we rewrite your story.

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Did you know you already have everything you need? You already have skills and competencies to draw on anytime you need them. It’s time to create your pantry of competencies to cook up your confidence. But what holds us back? What are those voice in our head? Where do they come from? How can they serve us? It’s time to meet your Gremlins! It’s time to grab them by the hand and take them outside to PLAY so they will never stop you again.

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There is a pattern and a path to cultivate confidence wherever you are. We’re going to walk it together. Clarity comes from owning what you know, calling in your competencies to support you as you step into the unknown, and having a mindset of playfulness to transform your gremlins into greatness. Bringing these three elements together are how your confidence engine continues to run. What are the seven aspects of your confidence engine? We’re going to find out!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    start here

    • Our Conversation Space

    • Chaos to Confidence Overview

  • 2


    • understandings

    • introduction & you are beautiful

  • 3

    defining the unknown

    • rewriting the chaos

    • CtoC Coaching Arrow - Assignment #1 I Deserve It

    • Confident & Competent for Women in Chaos

    • assignment #2 - the want

    • CTC HB Diane Top Ten Tips

  • 4

    chaos to competence

    • CtoC HB Mod 2 Come on in

    • ctoc Mod 2 competent heart

    • ctoc Mod 2 competent heart

  • 5

    competence to confidence

    • CtoC HB Come on In Mod 3

  • 6

    gremlins to grow you

    • CtoC HB Gremlin drawing

    • CtoC HB Gremlins finals full

    • Ctoc HB Gremlins2

  • 7

    library of confidence

    • Chaos to Confidence Mod1 Full

    • CtoC Mod 2 Full

    • ctoc Mod 3 Full

    • Full Workbook Modules 1-3

Upon completion of the program

you will…

Find clarity in the chaos by using the self-coaching arrow. Rewrite your chaos story with a confident perspective. Release your obstacles with play. Transform fear of the unknown to excitement of what is yet to come. Know your competencies. Craft a confidence path to follow. Name your Gremlins, meet them, play with them Create a new confidence imprint through ritual Practice the confidence manifesto

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Diane Travis


My professional story starts with my mother. I grew up on a 20 acre farm, understanding hard work, service and a love for business. The family farm shaped my work ethic, but it was my mother who taught me about connection. I would sit with my mom for hours and together we would play with our hair and make, and tell stories for hours. That simple connection shaped my own confidence and fuels me to this day. I am an Erickson Professional Coach and as a life-long learner committed to living a beautiful life, I am passionate about coaching people to reach their goals in a way that feels confidently beautiful to them. I like to think that my my mother would be proud.

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