I believe that fine is the worst place to be!

Fine is seriously overrated. Fabulous, however, now that’s something. Work with me and see how amazing life can be when you leave fine behind.

Do a bit of work, give yourself the freedom to step out of the world of fine and discover how much more there is. No more settling, no more middle of the road, not good, not bad just trapped in the mediocre of the middle.
  • take stock

  • facing the worries

  • no more lies

knowing where you are

to have different you must do different, yet you have to start somewhere. Ask the questions, take stock to see the starting point.

facing the worries

worry is a part of life, yet we have taken on so many. Some are valid, some are not. It is time to give these worries a voice, check to see if they are real and do something about them.

no more lies

lies, excuses - whatever you want to call them - trap us, keep us in our comfort zone and that keeps us stuck in the world of fine.


she knows all about living in the world of fine and she choose to leave that behind

Gina Best

Life interrupter

Gina is a serial entrepreneur and a maverick coach with a penchant for pushing people’s buttons and compelling business owners to deal with their personal shit so they can attack their businesses with passion and authenticity. Gina owns one of BC’s largest mortgage broker alliance, runs her own business building workshops, coaches entrepreneurs, speaks to and inspires audiences across the continent, and still finds – rather makes – time to be a mostly patient mom to two wild boys, a witty and wonderful friend, a shoe hoarder, and a bold and gracious mentor to young business women in her community. Gina is the first to admit that she has it all and she earned it – through hard work, tears (like full out sobs), anger, self doubt, grit, and hustle.

Fuck fine!