• Wealth Mindset

  • Say Yes

  • Knowledge is the Key

  • Take Positive Action

  • Own It

Module 1

Wealth Mindset

What is a wealth mindset? What do you need to think, believe and know to start making smart decisions about your financial future? Learn how your mindset is the foundation of success in real estate investing. Wealthy people think differently. What are the thoughts and Habits of Successful People? It's time to think differently about what is possible for you.

Module 2

Say Yes

To have what you've never had you have to do what you haven't done. Learn what deciding to say yes to real estate means for you. What role in real estate is the best fit for you? Owner? Investor? What does it all mean? Find out here. Learn tips for buying property and how to find them.

Module 3

Knowledge is the Key

There are many moving parts to understanding the game of real estate. You can't know it all at once, but you can master the basics, and this is where it happens. It's time to be informed about investing options. Understand how money and finances affect real estate properties. Learn what is flipping a property all about.

Module 4

Take Positive Action

Learn about the market. This is where our wealth can grow, and nothing grows until you do. This module is about making decisions, stepping out and taking action through positive, informed and strategic risks. Let's build! Learning about the market is where we begin to move forward.

Module 5

Own It!

Literally. Own your knowledge. Own your goals. Own your worth. Own your path to wealth with Real Estate, and yes, own your investment too. Understand how to attain money to buy a property?

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Meet Darlene and Liza from WREN

    • Start Here Learning Path

    • Start Here Program Journal

    • Start Here Understandings

  • 2


    • Money Money Money Money

    • Self Reflection - Your Thoughts on Money

    • Who is Liza Rogers?

    • Lesson - Your Wealth Mindset

    • Checklist - Wealth Mindset

    • Wealth Mindset - Quiz

    • Assignment - Start Here - VISUALIZE

  • 3

    MOD 2 - SAY YES

    • A little laugh about Commitment

    • Lesson - Say Yes

    • Checklist - Say Yes

    • Video - From Darlene and Liza

    • What am I saying yes to?

    • Assignment - Start Here - ORDER OFF THE MENU

  • 4


    • Know Your Stuff

    • Lesson - Knowledge is Key

    • Checklist - Knowledge is Key

    • Who is Darlene Smith?

    • I know what I know now - Quiz

    • Assignment - Starting Here - GET REAL ABOUT $

  • 5


    • Let's Do This!

    • Lesson - Taking Positive Action

    • Checklist - Positive Action

    • Video - What does Real Estate Investing mean?

    • Assignment - Start Here - LOCATION

    • Action! - Quiz

  • 6

    MOD 5 - OWN IT!

    • You Got This!

    • Lesson - What If? Terms for you

    • Checklist - Own It

    • Video - Liz Gilbert... Build Your House There

    • Assignment - Start Here - TOP TEN

  • 7


    • Yes You Can - Five Checklists

    • Yes You Can - Workbook in Full

Yes Please!


Liza Rogers

Connector, Creator & Consultant

CONNECTOR, FIRECRACKER, INFLUENCER, LYNCHPIN, SPARK PLUG. These are some of the words that people use to describe Liza, and she hears these descriptions on a daily basis. Why…. because she loves people. That love inspires her to help make people's lives better. She didn’t say easier, SHE SAID BETTER! She does it by completely embodying the meaning behind those words

Darlene Smith

Education Director for WREN

Darlene Smith is an international award-winning motivational speaker that energizes her audiences with enthusiasm, while sharing her expertise, and inspiring others to achieve more success. She is a Real Estate Speaker and Trainer helping build dreams with Fortune Builders and is a two-time winner of the IEL Award (Inspire, Educate, Lead) in Real Estate training. Darlene believes one key to achieve success is “Follow A System”. She loves teaching how to set up systems that save time, are productive and improve efficiency. She uses her great sense of humor to entertain and keep audiences laughing in their seats.

Is it time for you to take control of what you want?