• You come from story

  • You are a story

  • You have a story

Telling your story from the core is the practice of attaching your unique ‘energetic and story-signature’ to everything you write, speak, post and offer the world.

Communication from the core cuts through the ‘noise’ so those who are waiting for your message can find you.

Story from the Core is a fourteen month program, facilitated by story crafters: TinaO, Chris Dierkes and Meribeth Deen. In this immersive program you will write your book, build your workshop, perform your signature keynote to a live audience, and frame your online communications strategy to authentically align with your off-line presence. There comes a time when the scope of our work begs to become our ‘mastery’. This is the message we will work on together.
  • Lineage

    CORE STORY with TinaO TAPESTRY OF YOUR BEING with Chris Dierkes. DEEP DIVE INTERVIEW with Meribeth Deen

  • Light & Shadow

    THE MESSAGE with TinaO. SHADOW AND STORY BLOCKS with Chris Dierkes. THE ENGINE ROOM with Meribeth Deen .

  • Take a Stand

    EMBODIMENT with Chris Dierkes. MEDIA-ZONE with TinaO. BULLETPROOF STORY with Meribeth Deen

Collecting Your Lineage

January to April

The impact of your work and message is born from a lineage of experiences, influences and deep learning. This lineage has shaped you and is ingrained into the core of your communication, driving each turning point where a crucial decision was made. In this section we listen to, and collect the details of how your ‘story’ came to be. We discover your philosophy, track the ‘plot-points’ which brought you here, identify the mentors who have shaped you, pull together the research you’ve done, and label all the tools in your shed. At the end of this session you will have collected all of the ingredients which make-up the core of your story. This is how we get there:


What has been the consistent narrative of your life and work? What is your Innate Who, What, Where and How of your story? What are the elements, pillars and overall structure of your body of work? What did you get for ‘free’? What is your medicine? What is your poison? What is the story you can’t run fast enough from and in the same breath, can’t run fast enough to? This is the work of TinaO and Core Story. Deliverables: -Core Story -Core Expression -Who What When Where Why and How of your Mastery.


What is the story you came into the world as? How does your message and body of work connect with the world? Who are you as an energetic being? How do your strengths and weaknesses show up within the design of who you are? How are you made to deliver your message and offering? In this session you will listen for the voice of your soul and understand its meaning and your desires for significant impact. This is the deep truth of who you are and what you do. Your soulful voice lives within the tapestry of your being. Deliverables: Soul Reading, Soul Clearing, Landing

THE INTERVIEW with Meribeth Deen

Have you ever been interviewed by a professional journalist? Their job is to find the story within the details of what you are and are not saying. A good interview feels like putting your hand inside a pocket of secret treasures and pulling gold out. Often it’s the overlooked details within a story which can uncover the greatest clues to the underpinnings of your message. We often think the tangents of our life took us away from our story, but what if they didn’t? What if they brought us closer? In this session Meribeth Deen facilitates your ‘Rolling Stone’ style profile, and your A&E style Biography to bring the powerful details and turning points of your life and work to the surface. You will also develop a writing practice and write the beginning of your story spine. Get ready to see yourself as powerfully as the world sees you. Deliverables: -The Interview -Writing Practice Established -Beginning of Book in a Box, Writing Prompts


Your work, Mentors, Influences Human narrative Research Emergence moments Message turning points for book Instinctive and organic metaphors Grammar of your ‘language’

Light & Shadow

May-October (Break in August)

Shadows emerge where light is shed. As the focus of your message begins to surface, your edges, and core resistance in the form of hesitation, second guessing, minimizing, apologizing, overcompensating, hiding and so much more will emerge. Resistance is fundamental to understanding your message and story’s transformational conflict. Every writer/speaker/storyteller engages three conflicts in their story: 1) The overarching conflict of your story 2) your audience’s conflict, and 3) the author/speaker’s conflict. The relevance of your message and the power of you as the storyteller is found within your edge. This is also known as shadow work. In this section, you will write into the unknown and discover how to turn your core-resistance into power.


What are the four corners or pillars of your work and message? What is your one-story that anchors your impact? What are the principles of your work that inspire your audience and reader? What is the realm and tone of your message? Who are the ‘characters’ and ‘voices’ of your story? What are your core-metaphors? What are the symbols and images your message evokes? How is your story like a myth? What is the great mystery of your message? Through deep listening, the elements of your story will emerge. Deliverables: ● Core Conflicts ● Cornerstones of your story ● Tone, realm and voice ● Naming the Mystery and Clues ● 60, 30 and 20 minute keynote speech is created


Writer’s block, stage fright and run-on story avoidance are places where the energy of your story and message have gone underground, and in some places become stuck. As a storyteller, your invitation is to step fully into the fullness of your power by releasing and untangling the places where your story is locked in a reactive expression. Our greatest poison is also the source of our greatest power. In this session you will continue with one on one sessions with Chris, as well receive a power session with TinaO and Chris together. Deliverables: ● Understand your shadow ● Name unconscious limitations ● Un-stick your stuckness ● Private power session with TinaO and Chris Dierkes

THE ENGINE ROOM with Meribeth Deen

Every message has engine room story that encapsulates your story. It takes the reader or listener directly to the crux of the problem your message understands. It is the theme which binds your audience to you because they want what you want. For the storyteller, it is often the inspiration which lead you to this place. You feel compelled to bring your story together into one impactful message. Your book will have an engine room, but The ENGINE ROOM story is the anchor of your work. It keeps you from drifting and getting lost in an ocean of words. In this session you will tether yourself to the impact you are here to make. Deliverables: ● Outline of your book ● Core impact of each chapter ● Engine room chapter is written ● Introduction is written


November to March (Break in December)

When we stand as our story we are both in it and with it. We are distant enough to tell it, while connected enough to leave a legacy behind. This is storytelling on the pulse of the story as you share it. Your details will have both roots and resonance, and your call to action engages your audience and reader in a way that changes them. It’s time to take a stand for your story. You will finish your book, perform your keynote to a live audience, and craft your online media zone.

EMBODIMENT with Chris Dierkes

During the workshop and rehearsal of your Story from the Core Keynote, Chris works with you to hold your feet (on stage) to the essence of your expression. This session is all about what it takes to go ‘public’ with your message. What do you need to be seen, heard and known? Your body as the instrument of your message, your psyche and nervous system as your personal feedback, and your experience with an audience as the energetic exchange are the three elements Chris supports you to understand and embody. Deliverables: ● Stage presence ● Writer as Author ● Permission practice to be seen, known and heard ● Sovereignty with your message.

Media-Zone with TinaO

Working with the core principles created in your keynote, TinaO helps you turn your story into an online offering and identity. You will clarify the different layers of how your online audience can work with you (story cake), know what your break through concept is, and how to organize your message using video, images, and written posts. Know which social media medium matches your ‘voice’, how to show up on camera, and how to leverage your book for a year’s worth of social media content. This is where your energetic signature matches your online presence. This is the creation of your media zone. Deliverables: ● Lead Magnet - 3 part video series ● Story Cake (five layers of online offerings) ● Media Zone Strategy ● Strategy for 365 days of online content

Public Story with Meribeth Deen

What does it take to go public with your message? When we take our story public we leave ourselves open to other people’s opinion about our work. TinaO and Meribeth often say: ‘if you wouldn’t write it on a t-shirt and wear it in Times Square, don’t say it’. This session is about ensuring that your message is worthy of a New York t-shirt. Do you need more research? What are you hiding behind in your writing? How impactful are you willing to be? This is also where the ‘musicality’ of your message begins to emerge. This session is all about YOU as the author and the speaker and ensuring that you are ready to take your message public. Deliverables: ● Online writing retreat ● Research is completed ● Interviews are completed ● Impact tracking of your entire manuscript ● Polish draft of whichever stage of your book you are in ● Next steps and notes are given to move you to the draft ● Minimum 50,000 word draft is complete.

No more waiting, it is time for my story to be told


● The first draft (or higher) of your manuscript ● A video recording of your live keynote ● A complete and thorough understanding of you as the vessel for your message ● The outline or draft of your online program ● A Social Media communications plan for your story ● Ownership of your impact ● Your new language 1. Your book 2. Your keynote 3. Your online program Know, Speak and Give your story


  • The first draft (or higher) of your manuscript

  • A video recording of your live keynote

  • A complete and thorough understanding of you as the vessel for your message

  • The outline or draft of your online program

  • A Social Media communications plan for your story

  • Your new language

  • Your book

  • Your keynote

  • Your online program


Tina Overbury

Chief Story Officer

TinaO is a Writer, Story Coach, and Host of the TinaOShow, collecting and telling Stories from the Core. She’s the co-owner of Intentional Success with Gina Best, and the other half of The Writer’s Compass with Meribeth Deen. She says: Stories are like toddlers, they will follow you around, tugging, hanging off of you until you listen to them. TinaO is the founder of Live Your Best Story, a weekend retreat of deep listening using writing, storytelling, nature, nourishment, art and connection as a way to listen to the personal story within. The retreat is held in various locations around the world, and is always offered 3x/year in British Columbia where she lives. All are welcome.

Meribeth Deen

Meribeth Deen is a freelance writer, researcher, broadcaster, film-maker AND a recovering small-town newspaper editor. She’s a writing coach and the other half of The Writer's Compass with Tina Overbury helping people tell their story, their way. She's produced radio documentaries for the CBC, Radio Netherlands and Deutsche-Welle Radio from Malaysia, Turkey, France, the UK and hard-to-get to places in Canada. She delved into the world of documentary film and television, bringing the stories of whistle-blowers at Guantanamo Bay to screen, and artifacts in the Metropolitan Museum to life in the streets of New York City. As a writing coach, she is passionate about helping people make their writing better, to make it publishable, and to make it powerful. She continues to research and learn, taking inspiration from the two small humans who treat her body like a habitat. She still rides a bike, and leads a charmed life.

Chris Dierkes

Soul Guy

I’m a long time spiritual practitioner and searcher. Raised in the Roman Catholic tradition, I have a lifelong love affair with the Christian mystical tradition. I’m, however, also well versed in a diverse range of lineages and teachings. In particular, I’m a strong advocate for shamanic forms of healing work and consciousness, as well as being a Reiki Master in three lineages of Reiki. Over the last year I’ve established my own private practice in soul work. I try to marry the best of the ancient forms of knowing with a very contemporary look and feel, speaking a language of 21st century spirituality. My work is deeply rooted yet open and exploratory, disciplined and intentional yet always remaining lighthearted. I’m a soul interpreter and energy healer. I speak the language of both the soul and the spirit and empower others to learn the language and symbols of their soul and spirit. I write on topics of contemporary spirituality, including the intersection of pop culture and spirituality, as well as the connection between spirituality and economics, social justice, and politics. My work has been featured at Reality Sandwich and The Good Men Project.


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