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  • Speaker

    Craft and deliver your keynote, build your speaker's reel, leave with a 7 min, 20 min, and 40 min message, ready for all audiences. Includes: stage time and video shoot in front of a live audience.

  • Author

    Write your book. Get it done. Personal writing coaching from TinaO & Meribeth Deen. Bi-weekly writing group with fellow authors. Leave with a clear publishing path. Includes: publisher pitch package.

  • Expert

    Create residual income. Build and/or focus your platform with a niched suite of programs designed to carry the 'how to' part of your message to those who are waiting for it. Includes: Core Story Marketing

  • Writer's Retreat

    Program includes registration to The Writer's Compass' annual five day writer's retreat in Joshua Tree, California (optional).

  • Your Calling

    Program includes a Core Story listening session and private Story Day with TinaO, putting words to the calling within you (optional).

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We start the year with a focus on your calling and keynote. Create and deliver a 40 minute talk adaptable for three different audiences. Polish and present a twenty minute version on camera and in front of a live audience. Create a micro Petcha Kucha (20 slides x 20 seconds) from the same material. KEY TAKE AWAY: DEMO REEL & SPEAKER PACKAGE


Write your book from first draft to publish ready (approx. 5 drafts). Using writing prompts, research assignments, one on one coaching and an ongoing author's writing group, your 50,000-90,000 word manuscript will get done. Writing Coaches TinaO and Meribeth Deen follow a three act structure, key turning points, and help you write into the voice of your calling and message. KEY TAKE AWAYS: PUBLISH READY WITH PROCESS & PITCH PACKAGE


The final three months of the program see you take your calling, keynote and book and bring them all together into a revenue generating suite of programs for three unique audiences. This is where you leverage all of your work into an offering that creates residual income for you. KEY TAKE AWAY: SUITE OF ONLINE PROGRAMS (or creative offering) for each demographic within your target audience.

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Course curriculum

  • 1
    January - Your Calling
    • Wk #1 - Message from TinaO (7min)
    • Wk #1 - Coaching Call #1 - DOUBLE EDGE SWORD OF YOUR CORE MESSAGE (9 min )
    • Wk #1 - Instruction - WRITING PROMPTS (7min)
    • Wk #1 - Cheat Sheet - HOW TO USE A WRITING PROMPT (3min)
    • Wk #1 - Assignment #1 - WHY STORY - Writing Prompts (60 min)
    • Wk #1 - Writing Group - How it works (5min)
    • Wk #1 - Writing Group #1 - Why Story (1-3 hours)
    • Wk #1 - EXAMPLE (book) - Why Story (5 min read)
    • Wk #1 - Production - CHECK LIST (2 min)
    • Wk #1 - INSPIRATION (5 min)
    • Wk #2 - Coaching Call #2 - SEVEN LAYER DIP OF YOUR CORE MESSAGE (9min)
    • Wk #2 - Assignment #2 - CORE CONFLICT - Writing Prompts (60 min)
    • Wk #2 - Writing Group Assignment #2 - WHY STORY - VLOG (30 min)
    • Wk #2 - Example - WHY STORY VLOG - TinaO's Why Story (6 min)
    • Wk #2 - Production - CHECKLIST (2 min)
  • 2
    February - Your Keynote
    • TinaO's - Plant your Flag
    • 90 Min Personal Coaching
    • Writing Prompts - IMPACT - Assignment
    • Writing Group - Impact
    • TinaO's 5 Parts and Impact Statement
    • Writing Prompt - 5 Parts and Impact Statement
    • 90 Minute Personal Coaching
    • Writing Prompts Assignment
    • Writing Group
    • February Following the Call
  • 3
    March - Your Petcha Kucha
    • TinaO's Petcha Kucha
    • 90 Min Personal Coaching
    • 20 Slides Assignment
    • Writing Group
    • LIVE Online Petcha Kucha
    • March Following the Call
  • 4
    April - Your Book in 7
    • A Message from TinaO and Meribeth Deen
    • When they close the book - Vlog/Blog Assignment
    • Writing Group
    • 90 Minute Personal Coaching
    • Act 1 - Writing Prompts Assignment
    • Writing Group
    • April Following the Call
  • 5
    May - Act Two Research
    • A Message from TinaO and Meribeth Deen
    • 90 Min Personal Coaching
    • Turning Points Assignment
    • Writing Group
    • 90 Minute Personal Coaching
    • Act 2 - Research & Inspiration Assignment
    • GROUP CHAT for June Key Note delivery
    • May Following the Call
  • 6
    June - Engine Room & Keynote
    • A Message from TinaO and Meribeth Deen
    • 90 Min Personal Coaching
    • Engine Room Assignment
    • Writing Group
    • 90 Minute Personal Coaching
    • Act 3 - Conflict & Knowing Your Audience Assignment
    • Keynote Delivery Event
    • GROUP CHAT post June Keynote Shoot
    • June Following the Call

In brief:

12 month program over 14 months.

  • Personalized Program

    2 Writing Coaches

    Each month includes: Two 90 minute one on one story coaching sessions, two live writing group sessions, unlimited access to TinaO for story support and notes from story editor Meribeth Deen. This is your story from the core told your way.

  • Revenue Generating Take-Aways

    Demo Reel and Pitch Package

    Every piece of your story is crafted with an audience in mind. It's not enough to be performance ready, you must be business ready too. This program includes a full day with a videographer and a live audience to deliver your keynote to, plus a pitch package template to fill in as you go.

  • Bonus materials

    $3500 Value

    *Joshua Tree Writer's Retreat ($1500 value) to write your book away from all distractions (5 days, 4 nights), *TinaO & Meribeth Deen's The Writer's Adventure ($197 value), TinaO's Story Day (in person or online $1200 value), TinaO and Deidre Tansey's GROW program ($697), everything you need to know to take your program online.