Do you know what you are all about? Do you know what you stand for? You need to know what you are all about – why are you doing what you’re doing and where you are going. If you don’t know where you are going it - it’s like you are driving in Vancouver with a map of Toronto.
This doesn't need to be a complicated process. The reason a lot of us don't do our vision and mission is that we don't know where to start. This is a simple yet effective way to get the foundation pieces in place.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Let's Start at the beginning

    • Welcome

    • Taking stock of where you are.

  • 2


    • Your Vision

    • Vision

    • Vision tip 1

    • Vision questions

    • Think like a reporter

    • vision tip 2

    • interview

    • My Vision is....

    • Vision tip 1

  • 3


    • Introduction to your Mission Statement

    • Why have a mission statement?

    • What are your Core Values?

    • Core Value Worksheet

    • Mission Statement questions

    • Mission Statement Tip

    • My Mission Statement