Because money IS a laughing matter

A financial planner and a comedian walk into a bar. Make that a bank. Correction, make that your life. Who withdraws the most happiness? Who deposits the most joy? Imagine if you could enjoy creating your financial plan. What if getting serious about your financial future was fun? Welcome to The Moolah Story, an eight module program delivered from your favourite comedy club where you get to create your financial plan and write your next moolah story as you are literally, laughing all the way to the bank

  • Moolah Set-up

  • Moolah Mix

  • Moolah Callback

Moolah Set-up

Everybody loves to laugh. We say it all the time: laughter is the best medicine! Before a comedian can deliver a punchline, he has to earn your trust. The same thing is true with financial planning. In joke language, we call this:
The Set-Up: It sounds like this: ‘I’m one step away from being rich...’ Punchline: ‘All I need now is the money’ In financial planning, you are always one step away from being rich, all you need to get started is understand your: Living Assets, Money History and Money Influence. These first three modules are about identifying what you care about, why you care about it and what your current moolah story is based on. This is the starting point of a solid financial plan.

Moolah Mix

In comedy, the ‘mix’ is all about answering “what if?” It’s all about putting people in different situations that seem out of the ordinary. There’s nothing predictable about life is there? It’s as if every day have a new mix of situations to deal with. Writing and living a new Moolah Story is about answering all the ‘what ifs’ that can hold you back and move you forward.
It’s about naming everything you want and creating the ‘what if’ plan to get there. In the following two modules you will be getting to know your Moolah Archetype and identifying your Moolah Dream. Having what we’ve never had can only happen when we do what we’ve never done. What’s your new Moolah Mix?

Moolah Callback

During a comedy show, a skilled comedian will use a technique called the callback. It’s a repeat of a punchline but using a different joke. By this time, the audience is ‘in’ on it. They laugh even harder because a foundation of trust, rhythm and follow-through has been laid.
They laugh even harder because a foundation of trust, rhythm and follow-through has been laid. In financial language, this is the beginning to choosing a plan that truly fits what you truly want. You begin to trust your choices. You start to prioritize what is truly important to you. You are designing your Moolah Legacy.

MoolAH Story

A financial planner and a comedian walk into a bar. Who withdraws the most happiness? Who deposits the most joy? You. Your life is all the parts of your moolah story. You are the storyteller, the comic, the planner, and the audience.


Course curriculum

  • 1


    • I dare you

    • Start Here - WAITING ON CONTENT

    • Moolah Outtake - Welcome

  • 2

    pre-moolah - remove... use elsewhere

    • Hey I'm Kevin

    • moolah roadmap

    • worksheet roadmap - WAITING ON CONTENT

    • what if? choose your own adventure

    • worksheet - what if? - WAITING ON CONTENT

    • worksheet - matching numbers - WAITING ON CONTENT

    • Why I do what I do - My Mom

    • worksheet - moolah story - WAITING ON CONTENT

    • pre-Moolah Count Von Count

    • Kevin Welcome Joke 1

  • 3

    1. financial photographs

    • WATCH - moolah album

    • PREP - flow du moolah - get ready

    • LEARN - flow du moolah and net worth

    • DO - flow du moolah part 1

    • REFLECT - moolah cloud

    • WATCH - flow du moolah part 2

    • DO- flow du moolah part 2

    • REFLECT - moolah tip

    • WATCH - moolah goals and legacy

    • DO - four types of goals

    • WATCH - goals - now, soon, later

    • DO - now, soon. later


    • Mod 1 Moolah outtake

  • 4

    2. living assets

    • PREP - your living moolah

    • LEARN - #99

    • DO - cost vs. benefit

    • LEARN - moolah benefits

    • DO - moolah benefit statement

    • REFLECT - Moolah Assets

    • LEARN: moolah diving board

    • DO - passion & profit

    • LEARN: moolah time is ticking

    • DO - WY and RY Ticking

    • REFLECT - moolah tip


    • Joke 3

  • 5

    3. moolah history

    • PREP: your moolah history

    • LEARN - moolah brain

    • DO - left brain, right brain planning

    • MINDSET - moolah history

    • LEARN - moolah la vie - life events

    • DO - moolah life events

    • REFLECT - moolah brain

    • LEARN - moolah memories

  • 6

    4. your moolah mentors

    • LAUGH - Moolah Photographs

    • PREP: moolah mentors

    • LEARN - mentor – moolah mentors

    • MINDSET - moolah mentors

    • DO - moolah mentors

    • REFELCT: moolah mentors

  • 7

    moolah half way

    • CELEBRATE: moolah 7 8 9

  • 8

    5. moolah archetypes

    • PREP: moolah archetypes

    • WARNING: big section

    • LEARN: p.e.p.

    • DO: P.E.P.

    • LEARN: pact - protection

    • DO: PACT - protection

    • LEARN: pact - accumulation

    • DO: PACT - Accumulation

    • LEARN: pact conversion

    • LEARN: pact transfer

    • DO: conversion and transfer

    • WATCH: moolah sirens

    • DO: moolah sirens

    • LEARN: moolah shortfall with timeline

    • DO: pact - shortfall and reverse engineering

    • DOWNLOAD: timeline reverse engineering

    • LEARN - Shortfall part 2

    • DO & PREP: shortfall questions for MD


    • REFLECT - moolah archetypes

    • WATCH: two eyes

  • 9

    6. your new moolah story

    • PREP: your moolah future

    • UNCUT VERSION WATCH: your moolah future

    • DO: new moolah story - future

    • LEARN: moolah life change

    • DO: moolah life change

    • WATCH: this next one is long

    • REFLECT: moolah future

    • MINDSET: moolah changes

    • LEARN: Your new moolah story - the big questions

    • DO: The Big Questions

  • 10

    7. moolah dream

    • PREP: moolah dream

    • LEARN: your moolah estate

    • DO: moolah estate

    • MINDSET: moolah dream

    • LEARN: moolahloom – money and time

    • REFLECT: moolah dream

    • DO: Moolahloom

  • 11

    8. my moolah story

    • PREP: my new moolah story

    • LEARN: Moolah Notes

    • DO: Moolah Notes

    • LEARN: story how to

    • DO: Moolah Story How?

  • 12

    Moolah magic - you got this

    • WATCH: The Moolah Doula's rough draft...

    • LEARN: the Moolah Doula's impact

Why Kevin Gebert?

Kevin Gebert

Kevin Gebert is a Certified Financial Planner, Master Financial Advisor, Published Author, Speaker and Stand Up Comic. He is President of Greenrock Financial Group Inc. based in Surrey, BC. He has had regional and national recognition in the Vancouver Sun, National Post, Insurance Journal and the Globe and Mail.

At the end of The Moolah Story

 You will have an understanding of and be able to make clear financial choices, based on your:

  • current moolah assets
  • current moolah influences
  • moolah history
  • moolah archetype
  • moolah legacy


the next steps of your moolah story

and maybe even a moolah song…